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Your Ultimate Security Solution

Looking to protect your home or office? At Iris CCTV, we have your solution. We design, supply and install a massive range of security systems to residential, commercial and government properties around Port Macquarie.

Our range of security solutions includes:

We custom-design our security systems to include features that matter most to you. Whether that means a large-scale plan for corporate use or a simple, easy-to-use alarm system for your home, our technicians will make it happen!

Door Access Using Card — Security Systems & CCTV in Port Macquarie, NSW
Man Installing Alarm — Security Systems & CCTV in Port Macquarie, NSW

15 Years’ Experience

Our technicians are fully licensed and backed by 15 years of experience. Our advanced security solutions effectively safeguard the homes and businesses of our clientele in Port Macquarie, using the latest and greatest in security technology.

Need a security system installed at a moment’s notice? We’ve got you covered!

The team at Iris CCTV offers 24/7 emergency call outs for those who require a quick security setup at their residential or commercial property. You can count on us for reliable security installations and services around the clock.

Electronic Security
Network Cabling — Security Systems & CCTV in Grafton, NSW

AV & Network Cabling Services

Our high-quality audiovisual systems can help your business run more efficiently. We design and install a multitude of audiovisual solutions for small, large and medium-sized enterprises in Port Macquarie, including portable PA systems, sound systems, AV control, interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Our network cabling systems facilitate multiple data, voice, video, or multimedia systems. Hotel chain companies, resorts, office buildings, and financial institutions can use structured cabling systems to meet their high data and communication needs.

Contact Iris CCTV today on (02) 6642 4170 to find out more.

Man Fixing Security System — Security Systems & CCTV in Port Macquarie, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital iris scanner is a device that captures an image of the iris and digitally encodes it for future comparison. It records an infrared image because the contrast between the smooth, mucous-covered eye surface (the conjunctiva) and the pattern on the iris is greater in infrared than in visible light.

The main benefit for businesses with CCTV systems is that it provides them with evidence of theft or vandalism, which can be used to prosecute. It also acts as a deterrent to criminals, giving them the idea that they will be filmed. It can reassure customers and clients of your company’s professionalism and reliability, and it can demonstrate to insurers that you take security seriously.

Audible alarms make noise and will catch an intruder off-guard; however, a silent alarm system will typically signal an off-site monitoring station or law enforcement of a break-in or medical emergency via telephone line or cellular connection.

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