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Smart Security Solutions

When it comes to protecting your loved ones, there’s no such thing as being too cautious! Between our advanced security systems, CCTV cameras, access control systems and biometrics, Iris CCTV provides smart security solutions to keep your home or business safe.

Servicing domestic and commercial clients in and around the Woolgoolga area, we tailor our security solutions to suit your budget and property requirements. Customise your system with a range of unique and noteworthy features, such as motion detectors, facial recognition, iris scanners and much more.

Our team has served the Woolgoolga community for 15 years, holding all the necessary security and cable licenses to equip your home or business with the appropriate security measures.

Woman Accessing With Code — Security Systems & CCTV in Woolgoolga, NSW
Gate With Pin Lock — Security Systems & CCTV in Woolgoolga, NSW

Why Choose Us?

When you need a security solution that works, there’s only one team to call. Here are just a few of the reasons why you won’t regret choosing Iris CCTV for your residential and commercial security needs:

Need we say more? Get in touch with our Woolgoolga team on (02) 6642 4170.

Electronic Security
Network Cabling — Security Systems & CCTV in Grafton, NSW

Network Cabling & Audiovisual Systems

Investing in our advanced audiovisual and communication systems can boost the performance of your company. We can provide you with projectors, interactive whiteboards, and portable PA systems for your hotel or corporate office.

A comprehensive cabling network can aid in integrating multimedia, data, voice, and other systems. We tailor our cabling and hardware to the needs of each customer based on factors such as network congestion and connectivity.

Audio Cables — Security Systems & CCTV in Woolgoolga, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Network cabling is the wiring that allows computers within a network to communicate with each other. Network cables transmit data by creating electrical signals that represent 1s and 0s in digital format, which they send along copper wire or fibre-optic lines.

A structured cabling system will help support and grow your business by having all your information, telephone and network equipment connected correctly, allowing for minimal downtime when something goes wrong.

Infrared cameras add an extra layer of security to your home or business. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, infrared cameras can see in the dark and record video footage at night with up to 30 meters (almost 100 feet) of visibility. Furthermore, they use advanced heat sensors to track movement within a 70-degree field of vision—perfect for capturing burglars or intruders on camera.

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