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Keeping Your Home & Business Safe

Need an extra set of eyes looking over your property? At Iris CCTV, our high-tech security systems and CCTV cameras allow our clients to have 24/7 surveillance over their homes and businesses. Servicing the Grafton region, our technicians design, supply and install a wide range of electronic security systems equipped with cutting-edge technology and features you won’t want to miss out on.

We can tailor your system to your individual requirements with innovative features, including motion detectors, facial recognition, and iris scanners. Our team has built a large clientele and a stellar reputation and continues to deliver professional workmanship in every project.

CCTV — Security Systems & CCTV in Grafton, NSW
Door Security — Security Systems & CCTV in Grafton, NSW

15 Years’ Experience

With more than 15 years in the industry, our technicians will take care of all your security needs. Here are just a few reasons why Iris CCTV is the best choice for residential and commercial security:

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Electronic Security
Network Cabling — Security Systems & CCTV in Grafton, NSW

Network Cabling & AV Installations

Your company can benefit from our advanced audiovisual and communication systems. Iris CCTV can provide projectors, interactive whiteboards, and portable audio systems whether you need them for your office, resort or financial institution.

Integrating multimedia, data, voice, and other systems is made easier with an extensive cable network. We customise cable and hardware to accommodate network density and connectivity for each client.

Audio Equipment — Security Systems & CCTV in Grafton, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV installation varies depending on the type of system you have, but it generally requires a professional, experienced with installing CCTV. The process typically involves a trained installer locating a good point in your home or business to mount the security camera(s) and connecting all the wiring from that location to where it connects to recording equipment.

There are several benefits to be gained when you invest in a home security system. Some of these include reduced risk of theft by deterring potential thieves and providing greater peace of mind, and increased control over the safety of your family and belongings.

To choose the right home security system for you and your family, it is essential to consider particular factors such as type of building, existing equipment (alarm systems, etc.), policy requirements (police response time), identification methods (fingerprints, passwords, PIN codes), types of services (monitoring, maintenance), and cost.

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